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Visualize with Vista

Stop wondering what you would look like with your dream smile.  Vista Veneers make it possible for you to find out, before you make that major time or financial investment for cosmetic dentistry.  Once you live with your new smile for awhile,  consult with your dentist to understand how to make it a reality..

Dentists who would like to offer Vista Veneers, click here.  If you are considering them for yourself, page down for the top ten questions asked about Vista Veneers.

Top Ten Questions About Vista Veneers

1.  Where do I get them?

Any licensed dentist can provide them.  If you have a regular dentist just have them contact us.  If you do not have a dentist, you can check this website here for a dentist in your area that is a provider.

2.  What will be done to my teeth.

Nothing.  Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it to WhiteRock.  Once completed, your dentist will give them to you and they will just 'snap' over your existing teeth.

3.  Can I eat with them?

No.  They are made to show you what you will look like with a made over smile.  They are durable, but attempting to eat with them will probably result in them breaking.

4.  Are they expensive?

No.  You pay a small portion of what would be a full cosmetic makeover to see and live with your smile before committing to the full cost.  The upfront cost is minimal and most dentists will credit the full cost of the Vista Veneers to the cost of a full makeover should you decide to have it done.

5.  Are they permanent?

No.  The Vista Veneers snap in and out in seconds and will not last forever.  They are intended to show you what your permanent smile will look like, once it has been made over.

6.  What would my new smile look like?

You can talk with your dentist about the smile shape that is best for you.  And, your dentist can shape Vista Veneers to show you a different look before you commit to the permanent restorations.

7.  What if I don't like my new smile?

This is what Vista Veneers do for you.  You see for yourself, and your dentist can make modifications, until you have a smile that you like.  This will help insure that your permanent makeover is exactly what you want.

8.  Are they hard to wear?

No.  They will feel a little bulky in your mouth because they are going over existing teeth.  Permanent restorations will not.  Vista Veneers are very easy to snap in and out.  Some people who wear them say they talk a little differently while they have them in.

9.  How long will they last?

With recommended usage they should last at least four weeks.  Attempting to eat with them or otherwise use them as permanent restorations will cause them to break.

10.  Will my permanent smile look exactly like the Vista Veneers?

No.  Vista Veneers fit over your existing teeth which means they will appear slightly larger than permanent restorations.  They are an opportunity for you to get a good idea of what you will look like, as well as an opportunity for your dentist to modify them, and get feedback from you, to deliver exactly what you want in a permanent smile.

Vista Veneers
Getting Them Done

  1. Visit your Dentist for an impression of your teeth
  2. Dentist sends to White Rock
  3. After two weeks, visit your dentist, who will place them the first time and show you how to wear them.

I Love my Vista Veneers, What do I do Next?

See your dentist for a consultation about cosmetic options.

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