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Visualize with Vista

Everyone wonders what they might look like with the perfect smile, but nobody wants to bring it up.  Our research shows that most dentists are focused on care and personal attention to their patients, and most patients are hesitant to bring up the idea of remaking their smile.  The end result is that dentist and patient, with the best of intentions, see each other at least twice per year, but the topic never comes up.

That is why we created Vista Veneers™. Vista Veneers show patients what they will look like with a new smile. While Vista Veneers are temporary, they are durable enough to insert into the mouth and wear to work or to the mall. The difference, your patients will find, is striking.  The price of Vista Veneers makes it affordable for patients to really see what they look like, and opens the door for the entire discussion without price being an option.  And, remember,  WhiteRock Dental Lab will credit the cost toward  a full case.

The time elapsed between the two photos you see is less than 5 seconds. That is all it takes to snap in the smile. Let us explain to you how Vista Veneers, along with other WhiteRock programs, will help your practice and deliver stunning smile restorations that will blow your patients away.

From marketing and case acceptance to prep, to selection of materials and fabrication process, to on-site consultations with the patients, you will find WhiteRock to be a different kind of lab.

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How Vista Veneers work...
  1. Take an impression
  2. Send it to WhiteRock
  3. Deliver the Vista Veneers with almost no chair time
Vista Veneers...
  1. Any shape or smile design you want, including one from a magazine.  Just include the picture with the case.
  2. Require no tooth prep
  3. Are durable, but temporary. They wear well, but eating while wearing will damage the veneers.
  4. Can be as thin as .5mm
  5. Allow you to shape and reshape acrylic BEFORE committing to porcelain.
  6. Are remarkably low cost and can be credited upon submission of the full case.
  7. Can be up to 8 units wide.
  8. Available in any shade.

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